Coastebello Schedule

Coastebello 2017 Schedule

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For those flying in, there will be people at the airpark waiting to greet you and show you where to park. There is no tie down fee for planes visiting for the weekend event. Restrooms are located in the pilots lounge and the access code is 1186. Once your aircraft is secured, please sign in at the flight school and pick up your welcome package. We will be happy to direct you to your accommodations.

For those driving in, you can park at your hotel and enjoy a short stroll. All lodgings are within close proximity to the airpark. See map for directions. Please sign in at the flight school and pick up your welcome package. If you are attending the BBQ you can sign in at the same time.

Local flying friends, please use the public parking outside the airpark gate and walk in to the flight school. The space around the flight school will be reserved for aircraft and mingling.


Meet & Greet BBQ at Airspeed High Ultralight Flight School
Sponsored by Plates Eatery, Cumberland Brewery and local flying friends.


0830: Depart Courtenay Airpark for CFB Comox
0900-1100: CFB Comox Tour and Demo flights (Alternate activity: Estuary walk)

1100-1130: Return to airpark/break (Alternate activity: I-Hos Gallery)

1130-1230: Bryan Quickmire presenting “Challenger Evolution to Light Sport”

1230-1330: Lunch break (self-funded)

1330-1700: Afternoon presentations TBA and Demo flights. (Alternate activity: 40 Knots Winery – $5 for wine tasting)

1700-1800: Pre-dinner break/freshen up

1800-1830: Meet at Courtenay White Spot for pre-dinner cocktails

1830-2000: Dinner (self-funded)

2000-2030: Dessert & Awards presentation

21:00 – Thank you & Good night (unless you are off to the pub!)


0830-1000: Informal farewell breakfast at Plates Eatery (self-funded)

1000-1200: Demo flights

Coastebello 2017 Event Organizers

Who ya gonna call?

General Information
Michele Ruttkiewicz
(250) 218-6264

Demo Flights
Andreas Ruttkiewicz
(250) 218-7343

Airpark Information & Aircraft Parking
Brad Marriott
(250) 898-7150