Notice: We unfortunately are unable to accept any new students for the 2021 flying season. Our apologies.

As an alternative, Sealand Flight provides flight training at the Courtenay Airpark

Our Flight Training

Airspeed High Ultralights will help you meet and exceed all Transport Canada requirements leading toward your very own Ultralight Pilot Permit. The courses that Airspeed High offers are challenging, fun and rewarding.  Our Transport Canada certified instructors are professional, friendly and very experienced pilots. We use a scenario based approach where possible, to make the learning experience both more interesting and realistic.

There are many reasons why Canadians fly ultralights. The aircraft are more affordable as well as being safe, versatile and fun to operate. From the traditional flying lawn chair to the fully decked out composite, glass cockpit go-fast machine, ultralights offer aircraft choices to fill just about everyones dreams. The medical requirements for the Ultralight Pilot Permit are not as stringent as for General Aviation. And because we can get involved: we can build them, we can fly them and we can maintain them. The community of ultralight pilots are a great bunch of aviation enthusiasts that are always willing to help a new pilot.  There are first time pilots as well as very experienced jet jockeys flying ultralights.


Our school has all the facilities to help you be prepared for each flight.  We have easy parking, student lockers as well as a little kitchen where you can make or store your lunch.  We also carry charts, publications and pilot supplies so you don’t have to spend time shopping around.

The Courtenay Airpark is located right in the heart of Courtenay.  There are restaurants and hotels within walking distance. It’s easy to get to and provides a great training environment with several airports close by.