Flight Training

Primary Flight Training - Pilot Permit Ultralight

- 14 years of age to start and 16 to get your permit.
- Minimum Category 4 medical.

The Course
This is the primary flight training that will result in a pilot permit for ultralights.  The course covers all the requirements from Transport Canada including: All air maneuvers, navigation, emergencies, airmanship and communications. Training is usually flown in 1 to 1.5 hour flights depending on student proficiency.

Ground School
Ground school can be taken before or during flight training. See our ground school page to get all the details.

Flight Time
The average flight time to complete all requirements is between 18 - 25 hours.  The minimum requirement is 10 hours of total flight time experience including a minimum of 5 hours dual instruction flight time and 2 hours solo flight time.


On the ground:

Ground School$350
Ground School kit(includes: Books, charts, E-6B, posters, plotter etc.)$180
Exams, medical, Fees$165
 Total: $695

In the air:

Dual Training8 hrs$180$1440
Supervised Solo2 hrs$165$330
Ground Briefings2 hrsincl.$0
Dual Training19 hrs$180$3420
Supervised Solo2 hrs$165$330
Ground Briefings5 hrsincl.$0
Dual Training23 hrs$180$4140
Supervised Solo3 hrs$165$495
Ground Briefings5 hrsincl.$0

All prices exclude taxes.

Additional training if required:

    • Instructor and airplane: $180.00/hr
    • Instructor only:                $60.00/hr

The result
Your very own pilot permit.